Stainless Steel Crown

"The best feeling is knowing you are the one who made a child smile."

I Crown Primary Molar Crown

I Crown
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Stainless Steel Primary Molar Crown

Give children the gift of a healthy and confident smile with I Crown.

Stainless Steel Crown (SSC) is preformed tooth-shaped crown that fits over the remaining tooth structure to protect the tooth from further breakdown with the properties of extremely durable, long lasting and easy to care for.



  • Extensive Tooth Decay: protect the remaining tooth structure, prevent further decay and strengthen the tooth
  • Primary (Baby) Teeth: commonly used in pediatric dentistry to preserve primary teeth until they naturally fall out
  • Fractured or Weakened Teeth: provide stability and protection against further damage
  • Teeth with Pulp Treatment: seal and protect the tooth
    After a pulpotomy (removal of infected pulp tissue), or
    pulpectomy (complete removal of pulp tissue)
  • Cost-Effective Restoration: offer durability and functionality at a lower cost compared to other restorative options

 Crowns are available in two convenient kits and as individual refills



  • I Crown Half Kit

    1 crown of each size (Total 48 crowns)

  • I Crown Full Kit

    2 crowns of each size (Total 96 crowns)

I Crown

I Crown Refills

  • I Crown Refill Pack

    Pack of 5 crowns of the same size

Ergonomic design keeps natural shape:

Precise anatomical structure and high surface gloss prevent food accumulation and have a natural tooth shape.

Excellent strength and wear resistance :

I Crowns are built to last with their strong occlusal surfaces that resist abrasion and perforation. Pliable cervical areas make contouring and crimping easy

Pre-trimmed and crimped for fast and easy placement :

Thanks to optimum size, arrived at after significant research, I Crowns require less trimming, contouring and crimping

There are six possible sizes for each deciduous molar providing a wide degree of choice to the clinician when it comes to selecting the appropriate restoration.

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