Baldus® Scavenger System

The autoclavable Double mask system with the high fitting accuracy and efficient extraction performance!

Scavenger System

That Baldu’s scavenger system combines efficient suction power with modern design. The soft masks adapt perfectly to the shape of the patient’s nose and face. This high degree of fitting accuracy alone greatly reduces indoor air contamination with nitrous oxide.

In addition, the mask does not leave any uncomfortable pressure points on the patient. The complete system is autoclavable! Suitable for all common oxygen-nitrous oxide mixers.

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How the double nose mask works Scavenger system?

When you exhale into the inner mask, a membrane opens and the exhaled air enters the outer mask. The suction in the outer mask is separate from the inner one, so the patient can inhale without further resistance. Because the outer mask has a similar depth to the inner mask, significantly more gas mixture is sucked out in the event of micro-leaks that form between the patient’s skin and the inner mask.


Inhalation phase

Delivery of the oxygen-nitrous-mixture


Exhalation phase

The exhaled gas flows via the oval membrane and the aerodynamic located channels optimal to the vacuum channel 

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Exhalation phase

Minimized loss of N2O molecules because of the accurate fitting. the few molecules that leave the sealed Baldus inner mask are sucked off from the unique deep-fitted Baldus outer mask via the vacuum.